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Implementation + Change Management

At LTG, “about us” is always about you and your business. What keeps you up at night, keeps us up at night — although the goal is to have us both sleeping soundly with everything under control and running smoothly.

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Implementation + Change Management

We have learned from experience that companies often underestimate the level of client-side support required for HCM solutions to work end-to-end. HCM vendors may configure systems perfectly to spec, but provide little or no support for ongoing management and maintenance. Together with expert technology deployment and integration, LTG’s goal is to make you forget we’re not actually on payroll. 

Core HCM Services (delivered with a smile):

Our delivery methodology focuses on optimal project staffing, software benchmarking, and vendor management implementation hacks. And if all that doesn’t do the job, we’ll go the extra mile to get you there.

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Change Management

If change is the only really permanent thing in the universe, we’re definitely in the right business. Working with and refining time-tested change management practices for every client we have the privilege of working with, LTG ensures that client teams are fully and expertly ‘trained up’ on all business-critical aspects of HCM system implementation. 

ROI and a company’s HCM solution are inextricably linked. A properly-executed change management plan can ensure your employees get the most of a solution. 

LTG’s Approach:

implementation and change management

Our focus with HCM is to provide total  support to your team.  A complete, integrated HCM solution, from vendor selection to system implementation is just the beginning. . Our dedicated solutions team works in lockstep with yours delivering every part of an HCM solution as if our own business depended on it. 

With LTG as your HCM partner, you can rest easy. And so can your people.

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implementation and change management