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Business Intelligence (BI)

At LTG, “about us” is always about you and your business. What keeps you up at night, keeps us up at night — although the goal is to have us both sleeping soundly with everything under control and running smoothly.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

It wasn’t that long ago that you’d look up business and intelligence separately in the dictionary. Put these terms together and you have the new currency and THE competitive advantage for 21st century business. Business intelligence (BI) brings together a formidable mix of best practices, business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, enabling an organization to make better, data-driven decisions. 

A comprehensive view of your organization’s data — using industry-leading tools like Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Looker, IBM, Tableau, SAP S/4hana and others — gives your organization what it needs to eliminate inefficiencies, quickly adapt to market or supply changes, while driving change. Modern BI solutions prioritize flexible self-service analysis, governed data on trusted platforms, empowered business users, and speed to insight. With a custom dashboard that is accessible and easy to use for any kind of user, from data scientists to medical professionals to easily monitor and find new paths with new insights quickly.

LTG’s subject matter experts can provide your company with a business intelligence strategy through a structured interview and application inventory process.

A multi-year plan to mature your business analytics and support your IT department’s cloud-first strategy. We can also support you in the BI technology selection process and the people-side of change implementation. while using a set of tools to help your organization and its people transition from its current state to target state. 

There is no mountain of data high enough to keep LTG’s seasoned BI team from getting to the summit and planting a flag that says, “We can see everything now!”. For you, that means better decisions for all aspects of your business and making those decisions faster than your competitors. You should also expect your own thermos of cocoa and a warm LTG-branded blanket, as we climb that mountain together. 

“We can see everything now!”

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