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Data Centre Outsourcing |
Managed Cloud

At LTG, “about us” is always about you and your business. What keeps you up at night, keeps us up at night — although the goal is to have us both sleeping soundly with everything under control and running smoothly.

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Data Centre Outsourcing | Managed Cloud

In a digital world, data is an organization’s most valuable asset — although the LTG team definitely likes to compete for that title with client service that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Our team has the knowledge and experience to design and implement data centre and system outsourcing to make sure your organization is as agile and future-ready as it can be.

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Langtech Group : Data Centre Outsourcing

By choosing to outsource your data infrastructure and migrate to the cloud, you’re also making the decision to focus on your business and your clients instead of, well, wrestling an integration jellyfish and hoping no one can see below the water line. You’re also choosing to outsource a large part of the risk and responsibility of cloud implementation through outsourcing.

Cloud computing continues to grow as a result of global COVID-19 pandemic conditions that is affecting every sector. Now more than ever, you need a partner that will not only point you to the cloud, but also, like a commercial airline pilot, keep you informed and comfortable for the entire journey. 

Because you put your trust in LTG to optimize your business-critical cloud infrastructure, we put ours in preferred providers such as Q9, Onyx, TeraGO, Carbon60, one of the world’s most innovative managed cloud IT and cyber security service companies and in the list of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Carbon60 helps businesses maximize the performance and security of their core application infrastructure on private and public clouds. 

LTG is obsessed with solving complex problems. We know that our customers want to be treated like big fish in a small pond, and Carbon60 is our partner of choice to make that happen.

Most of all, LTG’s people-centric values align perfectly with Carbon60’s proven track record built on spirit, resilience, and empathic leadership.

Making sure your organization is as agile and future-ready as it can be.

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