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Human Capital Management (HCM)

At LTG, “about us” is always about you and your business. What keeps you up at night, keeps us up at night — although the goal is to have us both sleeping soundly with everything under control and running smoothly.

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Human Capital Management (HCM)

At LTG, we’re always in search of better, more efficient ways to maximize productivity for our clients and their employees — and we always find them. Whether your Human Capital Management needs involve streamlining core processes, improving efficiencies, or minimizing risk, LTG’s demonstrated expertise will cut the right path for your business.

Langtech Group specializes in the design of workflows that support your unique operations including all routine HR-related tasks. Our team will have you working smarter, but not harder, in no time. Our primary goal for all clients is to make payroll simpler. We do this by combining payroll and time in a single system, giving payroll administrators access to data throughout the pay period — which means more time for reviews and audits, less rework and better accuracy.

For both vendor-side and client-side implementation needs involving Dayforce products, the LTG team is ready to help you achieve your unique HCM and payroll goals.

LTG understands all aspects of HCM solutions and technology. Our team has expertise in guiding clients through the selection process with these core services: 

LTG’s goal is to make you forget we’re not actually on payroll.

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