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At The Heart of Project Implementation

At LTG, we want you to look beyond our expert delivery of market-leading IT solutions and expertise to the people-centric experience our team delivers to every client every day, and what sets us apart from our competition.

Other companies will tell you that they have ‘made the shift’ to a people-centric culture. LTG has always been there — through our values, our behaviours, and our commitment to employee experience and client experience. One powers the other, and makes everything else possible — project success, innovation and creative thinking, real collaboration, project and cost efficiencies, and, of course, total client satisfaction.

If the definition of culture is “what people do when no one is looking”, consider this an open invitation to step into the world of LTG. We promise you’ll never look back.

Powered By People

As important as the work itself, the LTG team runs on true, human-centric, performance-driven partnerships with our clients. It’s the only way we know how to work.

At the same time as we’re incorporating software applications into your IT systems, setting up your human capital management, ERP or other IT infrastructure, we’re also earning your trust through people-powered collaboration — because that’s where the real connections happen.

Every day, the LTG team will strive to make you forget that we’re not actually on payroll. This means having skin in the game from day one, understanding your strategic objectives, and giving you line of sight to a successful implementation — regardless of what you’ve come to us for.

For sure, team LTG is really good at all things IT. But what we really deliver is peace of mind.

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